How to Install and Crack PC Games..

This is the beginners guide on how to install and crack pc games. if you have a question leave a comment.

50 comments to How to Install and Crack PC Games..

  • Winard Billings  says:

    i would like to know how to download an install nfs to my computer its a windows 10

    • Drake  says:

      how do i download pc games on my xbox 360

  • christiaan  says:

    I need the license key for dragon ball Raging Blast 2 please

  • Habtamu Shimels  says:

    I can not download this game! is there anyone who can help me!

    • ESCO  says:
  • ali  says:

    gangster 2 rar şifresi nedir

  • hamees  says:

    how to install pes game on my pc

  • mike  says:

    what is the activition key for pes2015

  • نقطة الالعاب  says:

    thank you

  • Edd  says:

    What is the pass for Diablo 3 Ros xfullgames4u is not working

  • saeed  says:

    hi guys
    what is the cd key for war front game

  • laen  says:

    please give me the password game off road drive.. i can’t extrack it,, please

    • quzmir  says:

      Password is : xfullgames4u

  • handi  says:

    where the password dead state?

  • dirham  says:

    i have finished downloaded metal gear solid 2
    but i don’t know the rar password…anyone can help me please!

  • Paul O  says:

    I have tried what i can do to installed the application but no avail. what can i realy do to enable me install the app.

  • Firdaus  says:

    i can’t extract 🙁 please help me admin

    • camperboy1000  says:

      Your hard drive is full so there is nowhere to put the files.

  • Bongz  says:

    hawx2 does not load after installing and applying the Tiyiso crack. do I need an Internet connection

  • mahmoud  says:

    the games Republique Remastered is not work

  • moandor lich  says:

    i have a problem with MSVCR110.dll is missing from your computer..

    • deadly sin  says:

      go to your and download the full directX which is new

      • moandor lich  says:

        ty for the answer

  • Brahim Touagh  says:

    why i cant cracked The.Red.Solstice game it keep telling me that i need permission from “tout le monde” the owner to move steam_api.dll to another folder???

  • Gary  says:

    this site is ok but i prefer they tell you how to install and is fast downloads

    • camperboy1000  says:

      Please don’t post other crack websites on this one.

      • santhosh  says:

        Pls I need r
        ar password for dark souls 2

  • Jaskaran Bhambra  says:

    i have downloaded settlers 3 gold edition. when i am trying to run the setup it asks for a password. can i please know the password to install the game

  • Marvin Suner  says:

    I downloaded the two rars for Arcanum. How do I proceed from there? When I tried extracting the second rar, the screen keeps on telling me that the setup_arcanum file is broken. I’m running a Windows 8.1 computer by the way.Thanks

  • Legaia  says:

    I downloaded the total war shogun gold edition, when i’ve tried to extrack it, a lock comes up and looking for a password. Please help me with this problem. Thank you.

    • maui  says:

      it happens to me too..i download the medieval kingdom 2 total war…but don’t know the password..whats the password???answer this admin for fuck sake

  • Lohith Arcot  says:

    there are 8 rar files which have files with same filenames in them. How do I install?

  • jd  says:

    when i open the application my screen went black? how can i fix it?

  • Seanego Abby Mola  says:

    It keeps on asking for the license keys and i dont have it and i tryed the link it doesn’t give me the code

  • Kareem Halawa  says:

    i want registration code

  • azan  says:

    what password goat simulator

  • flemzy  says:

    i have installed it and now its asking me for activation code whenever i try to play

    • Alhaji Abdullah Hassan  says:

      How do you install it please

    • oluwafemi michael  says:


  • harigober  says:

    if there is anyone that can help me please leave a comment!

    • Assisnal  says:


  • Tatar Poetra Agustine  says:

    wrong password on cabelas big hunter pro hunt… help please..

  • Roney  says:

    Works Great. Thanks

  • soory  says:

    I need password for Leisure.Suit.Larry.7.Love.For.Sail to extract, please

  • Mora  says:

    Installed patched and works great!!

  • Max  says:


  • KOKO  says:

    working great Thanks!

    • king  says:

      plz someone help me i need rar password for gta if know it plz comment or send the password

      • oluwafemi michael  says:

        pls activion key for pes2015

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